So! Jamie told me I should make one of these things in case any of you have questions for me to answer in my off time from being a great and wondrous GUARDIAN. So, you got questions I got answers! I'm waiting!

Anonymous asked:

Can you feel if somebody bealive in you?

Not directly. I can’t pinpoint exact kids as believers just by looking at them. Though if they look at me, it’s a pretty big indicator.

But people believing in me in general makes me feel, I don’t know, stronger. Which isn’t just me being gushy - I’m actually physically stronger when people believe in me. That’s what we Guardians survive on. So I guess in a way, yeah, I can feel it. Just not in the usual sense. 

Anonymous asked:

If you could have an apprentice that was chosen by MiM (is a girl, immortal, is trained to help you), would you take her?

If Manny told me to do anything, I’d probably have to do it regardless of whether or not I wanted to.

So yeah, I guess. Though I don’t know that Manny would ever consider me fit to teach anyone anything. 

Anonymous asked:

YES!!!! I finished reading your whole Ask Jack Frost!!! 66 Pages!!!! You proud?

Wow. Yeah - I am impressed. How long did that take?!


Anonymous asked:

Hey Jack, how do I know if you're real cuz there is a bunch of other Jack Frost blogs on here. (But this one's my fave.)

You guys keep asking me how you can tell if I’m the real deal and the answer hasn’t changed. Listen, kids, I’m sitting here in the Pole on a computer made out of freakin’ ICE in between icing over America and tossing kids snowdays left and right. Sure I can tell you that, but it’s up to you to believe that what I’m telling you is the truth. Believing is kind of a big deal in my neck of the woods. 

You just gotta trust me on this one. I am talking to you, right here and right now, over this weird internet thing Jamie told me to start up. I guess there are a ton of people out there pretending to be me and hey, that’s okay. I appreciate that kids would like me enough to do something like that. Doesn’t change much - just makes it harder for you guys to tell who’s the real deal, and that’s also okay. You just gotta believe. 

Anonymous asked:

Please, PLEASE tell me you don't like Justin Bieber.

It’s my motto that kids should have all the fun they want and get into all kinds of shenanigans. And eventually everyone grows up. Doesn’t mean they have to stop having fun (just look at me) but it does come along with a few extra things you have to think about. Like people who look up to you. Or responsibility. Or just common sense. 

That being said, and I just about never say this, but I think it’s about time Justin Bieber grew up, don’t you? 

rockingluv asked:

Hi jack. Would you dye your hair?

Nah, I don’t think so. Can’t imagine a spirit of winter with red hair, can you?

Plus, I think this whole “white hair” is permanent. I don’t think I could change it if I tried. 

Anonymous asked:

Hey Jack, since you seem to dislike the expression 'hot,' I will say this: Jack, you are as freezing as a day full of blizzards, chilly as a tub of ice cream, and cold as a snowflake on one's nose. You make my heart numb. :) <3

Oh stop, you’re making me blush.

Well, not…technically. You are metaphorically making me blush. Yes. 

Anonymous asked:

What happens if I toss you in a ninety-degree (Fahrenheit) room?

I would be very sad and you would not be my friend anymore. 

Also probably I’d get sick again. So please don’t. 

favorite-frozen-things asked:

Do you think it'd be weird if my room was Winter themed (snowflakes from the ceiling and everything)?.... Not going anonymous... Because you can just fly by and see it...

I approve of anything winter. Literally anything. 

Go for it!

anqelics asked:

Hey Jack,who do you like as a friend?

Literally everyone. 

Seriously. It takes a lot to make me not consider someone my friend. 

Anonymous asked:

What if you got in a relationship with someone over a thousand years old?

Then that would…be weird. 

I don’t know, kid. 

Anonymous asked:

If you could use one word to describe Elsa, what would it be?

One word? Jeez, I’m not good at this kinda thing. Um…okay?

How about “cool”. Forgive the pun - or don’t. It’s intentional. Elsa’s really just cool in pretty much every aspect of the word. Ehh, it’s the best I can do. 

Anonymous asked:

Could you make a snow day if I asked you innocently with a reasonable explanation?

I would try my best to make a snow day if you asked me with no explanation.

Anything for a snow day. I’m all about snow days. 

Anonymous asked:

sooooooooooo your single are you lokking for someone i am 18

Yes, I am single. No, I am not looking for “someone”. 

I think 101 years is a bit of an age difference, don’t you?

Anonymous asked:

Hi Jack. Can you rap or sing by any chance?

Yo yo yo, Jacky Freeze in the hizz-house! Wikky wikky word!

Also known as no. I cannot.